Top International Shipping Tips By Arihant International Courier Services For E-Commerce Sellers To Ensure Timely Deliveries

June 8, 2024

Are you an e-commerce seller managing the challenges of international shipping? Do you want to know about the common risk factors in international shipping and how to avoid them? Are you ready to overcome these challenges and expand your international e-commerce reach?

The world revolves around the e-commerce industry in this new age generation where everything is done with just one click on the phone, tablet, or any other device at home through the internet. E-commerce companies are so busy looking after compelling product options for their consumers, that they often lose sight of the shipping factors they need to focus on. International shipping in the e-commerce industry is not an easy cup of tea, the process involves the entire cycle of virtual shopping carts to deliver the product to the consumer.There are things to be considered for a successful international shipping of e-commerce, that is how you can improve the customer experience and how you can control the cost and reduce it to ensure making profits from the business. Consumers anticipate honest, on-time deliveries as well as ongoing updates on the progress of their orders. Furthermore, certain customers rely on their choices about what to buy on the timeliness and cost of shipment, making shipping an asset in the marketplace. 

As a leading company in international couriers, Arihant International Courier Services shares valuable insights to help e-commerce sellers manage the challenges of international shipping.

  • Selecting the right shipping partner: Choosing the perfect shipping partner is necessary for the e-commerce business to make successful deliveries. Not all shipping partners are equally dedicated to the quality of work they provide the e-commerce industries.
  • Reputation and Experience: Choose an international courier service company that has a solid track of reputation in this industry. Experience in handling custom clearances and shipping packages in different conditions and challenges across countries is an advantage. 
  • Coverage and Network: Ensure that your shipping partner has a good network chain covering the target markets.
  • Technology and Tracking: The new age advanced technology and tracking systems allow the consumer to monitor the moment of their package from one place to another, creating trust and transparency.
  • Understand International Shipping Regulations: Every country has its own rules, regulations, taxes, and duties when it comes to importing and exporting stuff internationally.
  • Customs Documentation: Filling out the customs forms including the package details properly is crucial to avoid any unnecessary disruptions before the delivery.
  • Duties and Taxes: Know about the duty rates and taxes that are imposed in different countries. Either you can choose to pay them or let the consumer handle them, but the point is to know them to avoid unawareness. 
  • Restricted Items: Know if there are any types of restrictions that can’t be sent across the borders because there are certain items that are prohibited to be sent across borders.
  • Package Your Products Securely: Securing your parcel through packaging is the most crucial thing for an e-commerce business to avoid any kind of damage during transit.
  • Durability: Use tough boxes and cushioning materials like thermocol or foam to protect the items from damage during transit. 
  • Labeling: There should be a clear label on each package mentioning the correct shipping address, return address, and contact information of the sender and the receiver. 
  • Weather Conditions: The packaging should be waterproof considering the uncertain weather conditions to secure the package from natural calamities like rain and humidity.


  • Offer Various Shipping Options: Every consumer has different needs. E-commerce businesses should provide various shipping services to fulfill those needs.
  • Standard vs. Express: Some consumers have the priority of cost saving, other people might need the package as quickly as possible. Offering both options is a way to meet every consumer’s expectations.
  • Realistic Delivery Estimates: The right and accurate delivery time estimation should be provided to the consumers based on the shipping method they have chosen. Promising and then not delivering on the promised time can destroy the reputation of the business of the courier company. 
  • Pre-Planning For Peak Seasons: Due to peak seasons and holidays, the high volume of shipments can get delayed. Pre-planning reduces these types of inconveniences.
  • Early Preparation: Having stock up on inventory and early preparation of the shipment can avoid last-minute rushes and execute timely deliveries. 
  • Communicate with Customers: Communicating the potential details honestly during the peak seasons can encourage early orders by consumers. 
  • Monitor and Improve: There should be continuous efforts to monitor the performance and improve gradually.
  • Customer Feedback: Get the right feedback from the consumer, and don’t get away from criticism, the critical feedback will eventually improve the performance and will take care of consumer satisfaction. A business should always listen to the consumer and address the necessary issues. 
  • Performance Metrics: Monitor the key metrics such as time of the delivery, cost of the shipment, cost of the damage, and various other things where there is scope for improvement. 
  • Stay Updated: Keep up with changes in international shipping regulations and industry and pre-plan for potential challenges.



In this competitive e-commerce market, ensuring timely deliveries and reliable international courier services is crucial for businesses to survive and provide exceptional services that are different from those of their competitors. Choosing the right shipping partner, knowing about the regulations of the countries regarding international shipping, taking care of sturdy packaging material, enhancing and updating the technology, managing costs, pre-planning for peak seasons to avoid delays of the deliveries, continuous efforts to monitor and improve, building a strong network and relationships is crucial and considering local warehousing can improve the services. To retain your consumers and make a strong goodwill in the market every small detail needs to be done precisely. Solving the issues and navigating challenges by executing these things in the business can help build a strong reputation amongst consumers.  As a leading international courier service company in Surat, Arihant International Courier Services stands ready to support e-commerce sellers in navigating these complexities, ensuring that your products reach global customers swiftly and securely.


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