Top Challenges in International Shipping and How to Overcome Them By Arihant International Courier Services

May 29, 2024

What are the major problems businesses face in international shipping, and how can understanding these challenges help improve logistics worldwide? What strategies can companies implement to dodge these challenges?

In this world full of technology, deliveries at your doorstep, click the screen and get your requirements, there are many challenges companies have to go through when they deliver satisfying services to their consumers. Talking about the shipping industry, in a perfect world, every delivery would arrive at its location on schedule, in as-shipped condition, and cause you, the shipper, no problems whatsoever. Naturally, the world is not perfect in which we live. Any person who is using these services from time to time will naturally create challenges for the courier companies. Arihant International Courier Services suggests some steps that a shipping company can take consideration to minimise and tackle the challenges.

Certain Challenges International Courier Companies Face

  • Parcel Damage

Parcels can be damaged very harshly while shipping, it’s a major possibility. Due to the forces the parcel gets while transporting from one place to another, it may get damaged during the travel. Due to the difficulty of international shipping, even the smallest error can create delays or, worse, completely halt the operation. Things are subjected to pressures significantly larger than those they would encounter while parked at your house or place of work when they are loaded onto trucks, airplanes, and ships and transported over uneven terrain, through turbulence, and on rough seas. However careful and proper packaging or boxing can safeguard the parcel which is to be transported. 


  • Not Enough Knowledge 

Local couriers and international shipping are altogether different things, they are not similar. There are custom requirements and weights of the parcel matter, there are forms which need to be filled and submitted for the items which are sent overseas. To make sure that our customer experience is satisfying, international courier service companies need to have the right awareness and knowledge about shipping overseas. Through experience, a firm can achieve heights by offering excellent services and timely deliveries. Working with a packaging and shipping business that has extensive expertise in transporting products to foreign locations is the best way to guarantee that your international shipping happens without a hitch.


  • Natural Calamities and Harsh Environment

One more factor that affects the shipments to reach on time is the natural calamities and the harsh environment. Due to such uncertain incidents, the shipment gets delayed and thus upset the consumer. However, framing certain company policies can make the consumer understand the uncertainty any business suffers by educating them and giving them timely updates about the location and the safety of the parcel.


  • Compliance Issues

Compliance issues are related to difficulties faced due to legal and ethical requirements of international couriers to be sent from one place to another. International courier companies need to follow the rules and regulations of different destinations which are framed. International courier service companies must abide by the international treaties and agreements that regulate international trade in addition to the rules and regulations of the nations you are shipping to. In addition, they must respect the human rights, labour rights, and environmental standards of your stakeholders as well as your company’s social and environmental obligations. By creating compliance policies and procedures, obtaining the required licenses and certifications, and educating yourself and your team on the pertinent laws and regulations, you may prevent compliance concerns.


  • Costs

It is obvious that there is a price to send goods from location A to B. However the prices for it are higher than they should be most of the time. As a leading international courier service company, we suggest that there are ways to reduce the costs while shipping them. Let’s say you start reaching out to the delivery providers, list them down and reach out to them one by one and get the best option which negotiates with you and is suitable for your business. At the same time while comparing companies, for instance, bear in mind that careless handling and logistical mistakes made by a shipper who is offering a “bargain” may wind up costing you far more than you would pay a premium carrier.

These are also helpful in helping you reach the parcel as quickly as possible by sending the parcel to the location within the committed time frame. If you wait until the last minute to establish your strategy, the cost of expediting the cargo may increase. When transporting several things, you should take each one’s needs into account. It might be more economical to separate the shipment into different components and use shipping methods suitable for each component’s deadline if some are needed more urgently than others.


  • Errors

The data and the documents can be hard to take care of sometimes because of the size of the information every company has. Mistakes tend to happen if there is a huge size data collected to run a big size company. Sometimes keeping up with the documents and data is a big hassle for international courier service companies. To avoid these errors companies must use today’s technology to maintain accurate and safe data and documentation. In today’s world, one must be secured with the latest technology as the data can get hacked by fraud. 



International courier service companies face many challenges, from parcel damage and compliance issues to natural calamities and high costs. However, with strategic planning, proper knowledge, and updating yourself with the latest technology, these challenges can be effectively managed. Understanding the dynamics of international couriers and implying strong policies not only ensure smooth deliveries but also increase customer satisfaction which creates goodwill in the market.

Arihant International Courier Services emphasizes the importance of strong packaging, staying informed about regulations, and being prepared for uncertain situations. Choosing the right bunch of people from the industry who are talented and experienced with the new technology helps in efficiency and building trust among your audience creating a successful international shipping company.

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