The Impact of E-commerce Growth on International Courier Services by Arihant International Courier Services

May 19, 2024

The idea that logistics and e-commerce are related to one another is not particularly new. E-commerce companies are flourishing in this digital economy. With only a click, anyone can access a wide range of goods and services that are ready to be delivered right to their door over the Internet. The courier service sector has been directly impacted by the growth of the e-commerce sector. The paradigm change has created a big effect on the logistics and freight business, changing the way things are done and calling for new ideas to keep up with changing needs. For many people, the e-commerce and the logistics industry are one and the same thing. As the demand for online goods has increased, so has the demand for delivery services.
The United Nations Conference on Trade and Development (UNCTAD) released an analysis in 2021 that put the worth of e-commerce globally in 2019 at $26.7 trillion, or over 30% of the world Economy. The sector seems enormous now, with shocking numbers worldwide. Buyers and sellers are dependent on each other as the audience finds the e-commerce industry easy and convenient. That increases the demand and importance of international courier companies for e-commerce.
Both industries are interconnected and dependent on each other, although they are very separate from one another. Let’s understand the increasing growth of e-commerce and the shipping industry.

Increase in the demand for E-commerce

The e-commerce market has boomed over the recent years since smartphones and 5G internet came into existence. With the rise in the consumption of technology and the internet, the audience has changed their shopping behaviour from traditional to online buying habits. Online platforms, which range from specialised shops to massive markets like Amazon and Alibaba, have made accessible commerce by enabling companies of all sizes to reach a worldwide customer base. People compare Amazon, Flipkart, Meesho etc and by comparing the prices, reviews and brands, whatever they feel is the best option for them.E-commerce has a variety of options and people can compare prices from different sellers and websites and choose according to their convenience with just a few clicks. People can get anything sitting at from from afar whether it’s local or international. The convenience of shopping from the comfort of one’s home, coupled with features like one-click purchasing and personalised recommendations, has made online shopping an attractive alternative to traditional retail.Geographical barriers are removed by e-commerce, which helps companies enter new markets and reach more people. Cross-border e-commerce has grown quickly as a result of this globalisation of commerce.

Supply Chain Optimization & Innovation

E-commerce is something that is beyond just speedy delivery, it has a drastic effect on the supply chain. It has caused supply chain optimisation to be reviewed. Businesses are using AI-driven systems, machine learning, and data analytics to optimise transportation routes, manage inventories, and estimate demand more accurately.


Growing Need for Last-Mile Delivery Services

The need for last-mile delivery services, which are necessary for transporting products from warehouses to their final destination, has increased as a result of e-commerce. Due to the increasing amount of parcels and the demand for quicker delivery times, international courier service companies have been forced to change. Businesses are making infrastructural and technological investments to optimise their delivery networks in order to fulfil these demands. 


Increase in the number of deliveries in bulk

Online shopping which is rising worldwide, has caused an increase in the volume of shipments, and the number of deliveries across the world has increased in bulk. Arihant International Courier Services (AICS) now handles different ranges of packages, from small parcels to oversized items, destined for destinations around the globe. This increasing quantity of packages has increased the demand for international courier service companies which is essential for the e-commerce industry.

Trade Across Borders

E-commerce provides deliveries in the whole world, leading to an increase in the demand for global couriers. This has created the scope for international courier companies to grow more in the market and widen their services for deliveries across the globe. International courier services have faced some challenges in recent times, such as complex customs and managing international deliveries.
Arihant International Courier Services (AICS) know that the digital age will affect the international courier business in a big way. As online shopping spreads to more places, the need for fast and reliable foreign courier services has grown. Arihant International Courier Services (AICS) is still dedicated to offering secure and timely services for its consumers. This is because of the fast growth of online shopping.

The Advanced Technology

In today’s daily life, everything is influenced by the technology around us, even the e-commerce industry is working smoothly due to the technology advancements. The industry and the consumer both benefit from the new technology implementations. Whether it’s the order invoices, shipments, tracking, etc. Companies are using data, AI, and analytics to work smoothly and efficiently.
Buys and sellers are connected online around the whole world, thus the demand for shipping courier companies is increasing day by day. As the demand grows, Arihant International Courier Services (AICS) remains committed to advanced technology to streamline international logistics.


In conclusion, Arihant International Courier Services (AICS) shows how e-commerce and foreign courier services work well together. This shows how digital technology can change international trade. The rapid growth of e-commerce has not only changed the way people buy things, but it has also forced the courier business to make big changes to keep up with the needs of a world that is becoming more and more connected. There are a lot more packages than ever before because more people are shopping online. This is because it’s easy, convenient, and there are lots of choices. For international courier companies like AICS, this means new challenges and possibilities. Businesses are using technology to meet the changing needs of e-commerce customers.


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