Sending Love Across Borders: International Gift Shipping Made Easy By Arihant International Courier

April 19, 2024
Are you curious how you can send some memorable souvenirs to your loved ones living across the borders? How can you disappear the distance between you and your loved ones? Looking for effective ways to send gifts and show care to your people abroad? 

Gifts are a love language to show your affection towards your loved ones. Whether it’s a celebration, Mother’s Day or Valentine’s Day, gifts are the tradition of love. This tradition becomes challenging when your loved ones live across borders. When family or friends live apart, it becomes difficult to express love, sending presents across borders might help you to express and let them know you miss them. 

Previously, the stress of selecting the right gift for a loved one, taking the time to visit a gift shop, making a reasonable purchase, packaging at the district post office, and then noting the tracking ID until it arrives at the destination. Do you find the procedure stressful? E-commerce and digital gifting platforms make sending gifts to loved ones living overseas easier and more convenient. Although it may appear absurd, the technology of international couriers has made it possible to send presents from the USA to India or anywhere else. 

Gift Ideas For International Surprises

  • Food

Food is the most common and lovable present you can send to your loved ones whether they are chocolates or bakery items. This can be an incredible choice for a birthday gift for your international fellow living far away from you. You can now easily send a token of appreciation to your loved ones through the technology of international courier service. Arihant International Courier makes it easy for you to send such gifts at the right time and safely.


  • E-commerce Gifts

Whether they are clothes, accessories or household items, these gifts are very meaningful when you send them to your loved ones. Now you can easily send these gifts without worrying about the damage with utmost safety across the country to your people and make lovely gestures by sending these beautiful e-commerce gifts. Arihant International Courier is your one-stop solution for all your courier requirements across the globe. Our handling and safe packaging methods protect every detail of the piece till the time it reaches the destination. AICS promises to deliver efficient logistics solutions with timely delivery of these lovely gifts.

These easy-to-follow steps will teach you how to send presents globally in the most efficient way possible.

  • Destination

When it comes to international shipping, the rules and regulations vary by location or country. Assume that some countries allow you to ship items without paying taxes, while others do not. Most of the time there is a monetary limit, If a gift costs more than what is allowed, it is called “dutiable.” At Arihant International Courier, we suggest checking the requirements of a particular destination is crucial to sending lovable gifts to your family across borders. Before shipping check the limitations of the stuff you ship to the destination. For instance, UK permits gifts valued at £100 or less to pass through customs free, whereas Dubai allows gifts valued at 60 dirhams or less to pass through customs. In South Africa, you can only get two gifts each year. In India, a free-of-tax gift is limited to Rs. 50,000.


  • Unavailable Items

Each country has its own list of items that can and cannot be sent abroad. As a leading international courier company in Surat, Arihant International Courier Services (AICS) guides you through the list of rules every country has before shipping presents across the world. It is also crucial to note that some courier service firms will not allow you to send certain things, such as alcohol, flowers, or foods, that require a specific level of temperature to remain fresh.


  • Customs Requirements for Shipping Abroad

You will be asked to fill out a form while you send your goods to a different country. Arihant International Courier recommends that you visit the customs website of the country you wish to transport goods to. While filling out the form every detail needs to be mentioned about the things you are sending in the courier that prevents you from getting into any trouble. Just writing it as a “gift” can cause you to get into trouble, therefore you need to be more clear that the contents in it are toys, gadgets or any other stuff for hassle-free work. Arihant International Courier Services advises you to write the worth of the items to send them custom-free or tax-free from your country to the destination. 


Packing Tips for Sending Gifts Overseas

Get a new box to fit your belongings in, preferably one that protects them as much as possible. Do not use gift wrap as the outer cover for your gift box. Instead, use a gift bag, which will safeguard the item during the long voyage. Arihant International Courier Services will protect and safeguard your item from damage, ensuring that it arrives safely at its destination with the appropriate packaging material. Still, it’s a smart idea to secure your belongings from your end.
You can get a lot of padding, such as newspaper, from the market to protect your packet from harm.You can send your gifts and packages through professional courier service companies. As a professional international courier service company in Surat, you can track your package through the tracking portal of the website through your courier ID. For the safest way to send your gift packages abroad with timely and safe delivery, you can trust Arihant International Courier Services. AICS gives you the capacity and flexibility to successfully handle all of your shipments. Our services put you in control of your transportation options and expenses, avoiding the need to deal with different means of transportation, customs brokers, and forwarding agents.

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