Operating Mechanism and Significance of a Courier Tracking System by Arihant International Courier Services

May 9, 2024

What are the key components of a courier tracking system? How do they work together to provide real-time information? How does a courier tracking system contribute to improving customer satisfaction and loyalty?

In this modern world, international courier services have become essential for people to transport their goods from one place to another country across the world. Today’s world demands quick product delivery to any location as businesses grow rapidly. In the world of logistics, it’s not about delivering the product from one place to another, it’s about the timely, safety and security of the product. That’s where the tracking process comes in the scene. As a leading international courier service, we believe that this technological development has completely changed the logistics industry by letting people see where shipments, packages, and parcels are at all times. 

Arihant International Courier Services (AICS) has changed customer expectations and enhanced the significance of precise shipment tracking with its advanced tracking service.

How The Tracking System Works

The tracking systems adopted by international courier service companies, also known as shipment tracking systems are software solutions that monitor the movement of the package throughout the transit from the time it is packed and shipped till it reaches the destination. It detects its location throughout the entire journey of the parcel. These tracking programmes deliver the tracking service and provide an update on the parcel’s location by utilising a variety of technologies, including barcode scanners, GPS, radio frequency identification, cloud computing, etc.


  1. GPS: Global positioning system is used for international or long-distance couriers. It provides accurate location information, enabling both the courier provider and the recipient to track the package’s movement in real time.
  2. Barcodes & QR Codes: There is a separate barcode given to each parcel. This barcode includes details of the package, information about the sender, delivery instructions, tracking details, etc.


  • Centralised Database: Gathered information by scanners, readers, and GPS devices is received by the centralised database. The international courier service company and consumer both have access to this database. Consumers can access information through mobile applications, customer care and website portals for information regarding their shipments.


  1. Notifications: Clients receive electronic notifications to keep them updated at key junctures in the shipment’s journey. Order assurances, delivery confirmations, dispatch estimates, and dispatch confirmations are among these types of communications.

Importance of an efficient tracking system

Businesses can be successful from a satisfied consumer experience. One consumer refers to another for getting services from a business if they are satisfied and due to word of mouth the businesses grow more. In this case, an efficient tracking system is important for an international courier service company because it can give an exceptional consumer experience. Let us know how. 


  1. Less chances of theft or losses can occur when an efficient tracking system satisfies the consumer by delivering the package safely.
  2. Tracking systems generate detailed and accurate shipment data regarding their movement and handling during transit. By looking at patterns and trends, companies can find places to improve and make their logistics processes run more smoothly. 
  3. Reducing manual work and using electronic data can be more useful to maintain the data and records for more efficiency. Stakeholders are kept aware of any changes or disruptions by automated alerts and notifications, which let them step in and fix the problem quickly.
  4. Tracking systems provide the customer with information about the location of the parcel which builds trust among the consumer. This makes them plan and manage their requirements regarding sending stuff internationally.
  5. Due to the accurate location and data records, customer satisfaction increases. This transparency and reliability create customer retention for the company. 
  6. Businesses rely on raw materials and components to be delivered on time. Smart tracking mechanisms improve stock administration and manufacturing scheduling by providing visibility into the supply chain.


Operating Mechanism of Tracking System

The tracking system for Arihant International Courier Services is made up of a complex mix of hardware and software parts that work together to show where each package is at all times. At its core is a network of GPS-enabled devices that are installed in every car. This makes it possible to accurately monitor packages as they move to different places. These devices connect to the central tracking software without any problems. The software collects and processes data to give customers accurate state updates.


The journey of a parcel starts the moment it is collected from the sender’s location. Through a unique tracking ID assigned to each parcel, customers gain access to information regarding its progress. From the initial pickup to sorting facilities and finally, to the delivery location, every movement is perfectly logged and updated in the system. RFID technology, barcodes, scanning devices, etc are used to monitor the accurate location of the package and reduce the risk of loss or prevent delays in delivery. 


Arihant International Courier Services‘ tracking system is created in such a way that it is easy to access for our clients. This helps the customers to track their parcels from any device, increasing transparency and customer satisfaction.


Lastly, as a leading international courier service company, we provide an efficient and easy-to-use tracking portal for our customers to reply to us. Similarly, by using the power of new-age technology, international courier service companies should provide efficient courier tracking systems to increase trust and transparency amongst their consumer. Arihant International Courier Services (AICS) remains the game changer in setting quality standards to satisfy their consumers and retain them every time they decide to send a parcel overseas. By using the latest technology and advanced tracking system we guide and ensure seamless delivery options for our consumers. As a leading international courier service company our vision is to provide professional, prompt, and courteous courier services at competitive rates. We leverage our expertise, technology, and partnerships to deliver innovative logistics solutions to our customers’ needs while maintaining the highest levels of quality, safety, and security.


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