Quality International Medicine Courier Services

Wherever the art of medicine is loved, there is also a love of humanity.

A world renowned mythology, Ramayana, with Lord Hanuman carrying the Sanjeevani booti for Lakshmana, clearly illustrates the significance of medicine arriving in time for the loved ones. Medicine, thus, are one crucial goods which can sometimes mean life or death for the recipient of the courier. It is to cater this need that AICS has created Medicine Delivery, a dedicated service to make medicines courier reach from India to any part of the world.

There is no competition to Lord, but you can be assured that when you choose to courier medicines from India with us, it will reach at the committed time in the packed condition.

Interestingly, medicine is one such commodity which despite its critical nature is often difficult to ship with other leading courier companies. So, when you courier medicines from India, AICS can deliver this medicines courier to your loved ones across the world.

So the next time you or your family in USA, Canada, UK, Europe etc forget to pack their medicines, you can make sure with medicine delivery your medicines courier reaches them at faster than you could imagine.

No more worrying about procuring your medicines that is available only in India. Just mail us your requirements and we will enquire about the availability and cost of the medicines from reputed pharmacies located across India. On receipt of your payment and confirmation of the order we procure the medicines and ship the medicines courier with our medicine delivery service to your doorstep.

If you think there is a package which is shunned by other international couriers, call us, we might just be the people you need to connect with.