We heard the birds fly off after the knock on our door…. And when the couriers reached just as committed to this corner of the world, we thought it was the pigeons who undertake international documents delivery services even today..

AICS is a leading freight or courier service provider or international courier delivery company, headquartered in Surat (Gujarat), India. Our network provides us the ability to reach 220+ countries worldwide for not only Corporates but individuals as well. We can ship your important and regular documents with our international documents delivery services from any part of the country to your desired part of the world. Not only that we can even courier your documents from major destinations to your home with this same international documents delivery services as well. Speedy, safe and secure.

The beauty of our international documents delivery services process is our door to door delivery, where we come right at your door step at your desired hour, pick and pack your documents, and the ship it to the desired destination.

Delighting our customers with our international documents delivery services, both corporate and individuals, with each courier delivery, AICS specializes in shipping all types of shipment from Documents to Non – Documents i.e. electrical goods, components, garments, manufactured items, non-commercial shipments, Cargo shipments, Air & Sea freight, Excess Baggage, Unaccompanied Baggage, Medicines, Food Items, Homemade Eatables – all types of condiments, Savouries- Spices,

Books – Stationery, Handicrafts – antiques, Pooja Items & all types of household Goods for domestic and international courier services.

We have developed search strategies for leading brands to small and medium sized businesses across many industries in the UK and worldwide.
Our Process

We have three specific services for International Documents Delivery Services:

Document Express (DOX)
Package Express (WPX)
Cargo Express
These unique set of professional courier services for documents and parcels like Document Express (DOX), Package Express (WPX) and Cargo Express (Box – 25kgs and Box – 10kgs) services ensure professional delivery for documents and parcels to go for up to 220+ countries in the world.

We understand that your documents are more than just a courier for you. The courier service delivery is sometimes so crucial that it can make our break the future of someone. Even if it’s something as small as a document, or something as large as a box of medicines, we are the best solution providers for International Documents Delivery Services you would want to experience.

So send your documents using our International Documents Delivery Services as not just the normal delivery but also our Express’s flat rates are very economical compared to the rates you would normally pay most other freight forwarders or courier service providers. We have an all-inclusive fixed pricing structure so that you’ll exactly know what you’ll be charged for shipping even before the shipment leaves your site. The only costs excluded in the shipping are destination government charges, duties & taxes.