How to Prepare Your Parcel with AICS: A Step-by-Step Guide

January 24, 2024

Are you planning an international shipment? Sending a parcel overseas can be a complex task, but with the proper preparation, you can ensure that your package arrives safely at its destination. 

Arihant International Courier Services (AICS) is a trusted partner for individuals and businesses seeking efficient and secure parcel deliveries across borders. 

We are a leading international courier service that can help you navigate the shipping process easily. In this step-by-step guide, we will walk you through the key steps to prepare your package for shipping with AICS. 

Step 1: Choose the Right Service

Before you start preparing your parcel, it is crucial to choose the appropriate international courier service that fits your needs. Arihant International Courier Services offers a range of options for shipping to overseas destinations. Whether you send documents, personal items, or commercial goods, select the service that aligns with your shipment requirements.

Step 2: Gather Required Documentations

Different countries have specific documentation requirements for international shipments. Knowing the required documents ensures a smooth and hassle-free shipping process.

To expedite the shipping process, ensure you have all the required documents in hand. This includes the recipient’s complete address, contact number, and any relevant customs information for international shipments. AICS helps you provide accurate details that prevent delays and ensure a smooth delivery process.


Step 3: Proper Packaging

Proper packaging is essential to protect your items during transit. Follow these steps to ensure that your package is adequately protected:

  1. Use a sturdy and adequately sized box.
  2. Wrap fragile items individually with bubble wrap or packing paper.
  3. Fill empty spaces within the box with crumpled paper or packing peanuts to prevent shifting.
  4. Securely tape all seams and corners of the box.
  5. Attach a shipping label or address label to the outside of the box.


Step 4: Mark the Package as Fragile or Handle with Care

Mark the Package as Fragile or Handle with Care

If your package contains fragile items, it is essential to mark them as fragile or handle them with care. This label will help alert the courier to handle your package with extra caution, reducing the risk of damage during transit.


Step 5: Labelling

Accurate labelling is a key element in international shipping. Write the recipient’s address and contact information on the parcel. Additionally, include a return address on the package in case any issues arise during delivery. AICS provides specific guidelines for labeling, so be sure to follow them closely for optimal service.


Step 6: Weigh and Measure

Accurate weight and dimensions are crucial for calculating shipping costs. Use a reliable scale to weigh your parcel and measure its length, width, and height. AICS provides clear guidelines for weight and size restrictions, ensuring that your parcel meets the necessary criteria for international shipping.


Step 7: Insure Your Package

Insuring your package is highly recommended, especially for high-value or irreplaceable items. Insurance provides financial protection in case of damage or loss during transit. AICS offers insurance coverage at competitive rates, so be sure to inquire about their insurance options when arranging your shipment.


Step 8: Choose a Pickup or Drop-off Option

AICS offers various pickup and drop-off options for your convenience. Choose the most convenient option for you, whether arranging a pickup from your home or office or dropping your package off at a designated drop-off location.


Step 9: Book Your Shipment

Once you have completed all the steps above, it’s time to book your shipment with Arihant International Courier Services. You can conveniently schedule a pickup or drop off your parcels. AICS offers real-time tracking, allowing you to monitor your shipment’s progress from pickup to delivery.


Inspect your parcel on arrival. 

Upon receiving your package, conduct a thorough inspection for any signs of damage. If you identify any issues, document them meticulously and promptly report them to our customer support for swift resolution. Timely reporting ensures that necessary steps can be taken to address the problem and facilitates a smoother resolution process. Prioritizing this step contributes to a transparent and accountable courier service experience.

Arihant International Courier Services offers a reliable solution for those seeking international courier services. Following this step-by-step guide ensures that your parcel is prepared appropriately, leading to a smooth and efficient shipping experience. 

With AICS, you can trust that your items will reach their overseas destination securely and on time. For the best international courier services near you, choose Arihant International Courier Services. Contact us now!

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