How AICS is Revolutionizing E-Commerce Shipping

April 13, 2024

If we dig into the past and check the origins of e-commerce shipping, it started long back during colonial times. Routing through endless seas, goods were imported in and exported from mainland India. Ever since, providing e-commerce shipping solutions have gone through many evolutions catering to newer demands of consumers.

AICS as a Global Logistics Service Provider

With its roots spread in major metropolitan cities, Arihant International Courier Service (AICS) is a well-known international courier service. Flourishing in the logistics business for more than 9 years now, AICS has proven to be an excellent global logistics provider.

Businesses who require e-commerce are exploring innovative ways to ensure a hassle-free delivery of their products or services. AICS has considered the evolving needs of its consumers and implemented innovative strategies to provide seamless delivery solutions. At present, AICS not only offers innovative shipping technologies, but also possesses cargo handling excellence.

AICS has proven to be a reliable and efficient service provider in cross-border e-commerce shipping and time-sensitive deliveries. With its dedicated efforts, AICS caters to businesses and helps them in finding effective solutions to complexities in the global shipping process.

AICS’s Cargo Handling Excellence

Arihant International Courier Service (AICS) has employed several teams with individual expertise to ensure a high standard of cargo handling excellence. Guided by an expert, each shipment is delivered with extreme care. This proves AICS’s customer-centric approach guaranteeing customer satisfaction.

What makes AICS as a logistics company stand apart from its competitors are its global medicine delivery and delicate merchandise handling services. Over a period of 9 years, AICS has mastered time-sensitive deliveries, be it delivering items of high value or helping customers navigate through international shipping protocols.

Personalizing Logistics Experience

Ensuring smoother deliveries and hassle-free experiences, AICS understands the importance of flexibility and customization. To cater a tailored experience to its users, AICS provides real-time Live Chat and WhatsApp support.

If questioned how this facilitates customized logistics solutions? We can further explore the many benefits of implementing Live Chat and WhatsApp support in the logistics industry.

  • Based on a user’s enquiry or history, personal chats are created both in Live and in WhatsApp. With individual chat profiles, the user is sure to experience a personalized setting where they can easily refer to or access previous interactions.
  • A Live Chat and WhatsApp Support when integrated with CRM (Customer Relationship Management) software, enables faster access to user history.
  • These technologies also help in gaining contextual assistance – meaning a support executive can help gather real-time information on pages accessed or viewed. This type of information is often used by support agents to recommend the best services for their customers.
  • Businesses often use analytical tools to analyze user behavior. If any such analytical tools can be integrated, logistics service providers can efficiently offer their services as per their customer needs.
  • The multimedia feature in WhatsApp support enables both the user to share important documents, while the logistics service provider can share real-time tracking information.
  • With AI and machine learning integration, feedback in these two channels can be personalized and automated. This process once set, merely takes two seconds, and feedback holds immense value in facilitating better service in future.

Sustainable Shipping Practices

Almost everyone is aware of the global indication of the environment degrading due to several factors. With such ecological concerns, businesses and individuals have seeked innovative solutions and highlighted the importance of sustainable shipping practices.

Being an adaptive logistics company – Arihant International Courier Service (AICS) has employed successfully sustainable packaging solutions in their operations. With the use of high-quality eco-friendly packaging materials, AICS is laying the foundation of responsible consumption practices

Key Takeaways

  • The e-commerce industry has been evolving with the changing times. AICS is keeping up with these changes, providing excellent shipping services.
  • Implementing innovative shipping practices, AICS is revolutionizing the e-commerce industry.
  • AICS proves to be a customer-centric shipping company with its Live Chat and WhatsApp Support system. It ensures a hassle-free shipping experience.
  • Using sustainable packaging to deliver products across the globe, AICS proves itself as an eco-conscious logistics solution provider.



1. How is AICS revolutionizing e-commerce shipping?

AICS, by implementing innovative and sustainable practices in their operations, are revolutionizing e-commerce shipping. This has helped them in providing seamless delivery solutions.


2. Does AICS offer international shipping services?

Yes, AICS is a leading provider of international courier services. It has been successfully running import and export operations, capturing foreign markets and nurturing a great network of supply chains around the globe.


3. Does AICS offer customized logistic services for businesses?

Yes, AICS provides a par excellence personalized service for businesses with their Live Chat and WhatsApp support.


4. What sets AICS apart as a global logistics provider?

Two services that many global logistics companies are not offering include – global medicine delivery and handling of hazardous materials. AICS has been efficiently servicing in these two domains by employing separate teams of experts to ensure smooth operations.

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