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March 13, 2024

Being a primary contributor to global trade, international shipping facilitates the import and export of goods across geographical boundaries. To trace the beginnings of international commerce in India, we can stir back to centuries when marine routes helped connect the mainland with countries across the globe. Starting from trading of spices in the Colonial times, India has succeeded to attract traders with its abundant resources for centuries.

With the dawn of modern times, international shipping has gained momentum. Charged up with the many impacts of digitalization, the exchange of goods across borders have become faster, efficient and accessible to all.

The Rise of International Shipping Services

One word which we all are very familiar with, has a significant role to play in the increased momentum of international shipping. That one word is “globalization” – which has interweaved the whole world together. Businesses are increasingly exploring new markets and supply chains, and with this they are seeking out reliable and affordable shipping solutions. Additionally, the e-commerce industry has driven a huge demand for international shipping services,  in order to run their operations smoothly and get parcels delivered hassle-free to people at the quickest time possible.

How to Plan a Hassle-Free International Shipping

While businesses actively look out for international shipping services, they often have to deal with several complexities involved in it. What serves as a solution to this problem is having the right approach. Save these key tips that’ll help you find the right hassle-free international shipping solution:

  • Plan Ahead: An extensive research is needed to understand the potential challenges involved in international shipping. Make a list of these challenges that might include costumes regulations, documentation requirements, and transit timings. Plan the entire process well ahead of time to ensure smooth deliveries without having to incur extra costs.
  • Picking the Right Carrier: While you look out for the best shipping options, take note of the shipping companies in the process. Go through reviews, do some research, which helps you pick a reputable carrier as your logistics partner. Make sure that the carrier has a record of being a reliable one with a top-notch tracking system and is offering competitive rates.
  • Quality Packaging: Ensuring that your goods are transported without any damage, one must ensure that high-quality packaging materials are used in the process. With individuals and businesses alike, getting more eco-conscious, sustainable packaging solutions have gained immense importance. By packing your valuable goods with high quality materials, you ensure that they are less prone to damages and reach their destination without any delays.
  • Access Knowledge: Acquire all updated information on international trade regulations and compliance requirements. Understand the A-Z of it, including documentation protocols for every country, restrictions on imports and exports, tariff codes etc.
  • Make use of Technology: Businesses looking for partnering with international shipping companies should start using shipping softwares.  These help in streamlining processes, starting from bookings to tracking to managing international shipments.

AICS Sustainable International Shipping

Consumers often seek out sustainable solutions when looking for any service. Looking at this increasing demand, Arihant International Courier Service (AICS) has employed sustainable practices in their operations.

With the use of eco-friendly packaging materials, AICS helps reduce the production of waste. This proves AICS’s eco-conscious efforts in building a greener future. By opting AICS as your logistics partner, you can experience smooth and sustainable delivery of your international shipments.

Key Takeaways

  • India has witnessed several phases of changing international shipping practices, impacted primarily by globalization and e-commerce.
  • To pick the right international shipping partner, one must keep in mind certain factors from planning ahead to proper research and gathering the right set of information.
  • Arihant International Courier Service (AICS) proves to be a key player in the international shipping logistics industry with their sustainable practices.




1. How long does international shipping with AICS typically take?

Depending on the destination the shipping time for international shipments might vary. But at AICS, we aim to fasten up the process and offer standard shipping options that suit your individual needs.


2. Are there any restrictions on the types of goods that can be shipped internationally?

Yes, there are certain restrictions related to goods shipping across borders. AICS provides smooth support with their team of experts in guiding you through the entire process.


3. What documentation is required for international shipping?

Invoices, packing lists and certificates of origin are some of the common documents needed for international shipping. But there might be certain variations depending on which country the goods are getting shipped.


4. How can I track my international shipment with AICS?

AICS has developed a system of their own to offer hassle-free shipping service to their customers. With round-the-clock WhatsApp and Live Chat support, AICS helps their customers to access real-time tracking of their shipments.

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