A Student’s Guide To Shipping Extra Luggage Internationally By Arihant International Courier Services

Are you preparing for international study and thinking about how you can transport your belongings? Do you feel stressed about airline baggage limits and hefty excess baggage fees? Do you want a solution to ensure that your belongings reach the location without any stress?

In today’s world, a lot of people want to study abroad to broaden their job opportunities around the world. There are chances to do great things all over the world because of this exciting journey. On the other hand, moving your things and belongings from one country to another can be hard. It’s important to keep track of your things well when you’re moving for a year, a term, or longer. Arihant International Courier Services is the best way for students to deal with this problem. This guide will help you understand how to ship extra bags across borders, so you can get to your new school life without any problems. Many students choose to use luggage shipping services to guarantee a smooth moving experience. However, what typical limitations apply to the transportation of student baggage?
Ensuring student luggage gets shipped without any problems is important, so it’s necessary to know what limits might be imposed. This will let you concentrate on getting used to your new school without having to worry about your bags.

In this blog, Arihant International Courier Services (AICS) will throw some light on important points that students need to know when they ship their baggage:

  • Prohibited Items
  • Packaging 
  • Size & Weight Restrictions
  • Regulations and Documentation
  • Shipping Service

1. Prohibited Items

Being aware of the list of items that are prohibited to sent overseas is very important before shipping the luggage internationally. Some of the items are not allowed to be shipped due to legal or safety reasons.

Common examples include:

  • Hazardous Materials: The products or items which are flammable liquids, explosives, gases or corrosives are strictly not allowed to be transported to other countries.
  • Perishable Goods: Perishable goods or food items are not ideal to ship internationally due to the risk of spoilage. 
  • Weapons and Firearms: Ammunition, firearms or any other type of weapons are strictly prohibited for international shipping for legal reasons.
  • Illegal Substances: Items that are illegal to buy, sell or possess are prohibited for international shipping.
  • Restricted Items: There are some items or products which are subjected to restriction or require permits for shipping such as medicines, tobacco or alcohol. You have to make sure that you go through the list of prohibited items during the shipping process.

Tips for Packaging

Packaging is important to protect your belongings for safe and secure shipping. Although many people use packaging, well that’s not enough though. Proper packaging is necessary to prevent your belongings from being damaged.

Here are some tips Arihant International Courier Services suggests to the clients:

  • Sturdy Boxes: Choose strong, high-quality boxes to pack the items you want to send overseas. Pack the boxes with tape to prevent them from opening during the transit.
  • Wrap Fragile Items: For items such as electronics or made of glass, use bubble wrap to prevent them from breakage and provide cushioning.
  • Clear Label: Each box should be labelled with the correct name, address and contact information to avoid errors. This ensures that your luggage will be intended to reach the right location.
  • Distribute Weight Evenly: The weight should be balanced within each side of the box to prevent it from becoming too heavy or unbalanced.
  • Seal Securely: Tape the box, wrap and seal it securely to protect the outer side of the box to make sure it does not open and arrives at the location safely.

2. Size & Weight Restrictions

For shipping your luggage, understanding the size and weight restrictions is very essential. Different countries have distinct guidelines that they follow when it comes to the size and weight of the shipment to avoid additional fees or delays.

Here are some aspects Arihant International Courier Services (AICS) suggests to consider:

  • Dimensional Weight: The dimensions of the package consider the estimated weight of the package that is to be sent overseas. To calculate the dimensions of the package, multiply the length, width, and height of the package, and then divide by a standard divisor. Making sure that the package has the dimensions according to the guidelines of the country is crucial.
  • Maximum Weight Limits: Every shipment has a maximum weight limit set for the package. For international shipping, there is a weight limit that ranges from 50 to 70 pounds. If you exceed this limit you may have to pay higher costs or need to split your luggage into multiple packages.

3. Regulations and Documentation

Preparation and documentation are the most essential aspects for smooth customs clearance, Here is how:

  • Customs Declarations: The stuff and the value of the package should be informed accurately. Incorrect, incomplete, or wrong information can be considered fraud or can result in delays or fines.
  • Necessary Documents

(i) Invoice: It is a detailed document of a list of each item mentioned with its value and the reason for export. 

(ii) Packing List: This is a list of the items that a student needs to ship overseas.

(iii) ID and Student Visa: The requirement of your ID is essential for some countries and a student visa for customs clearance.

4. Shipping Service Options

Choosing the right international courier service is essential for ensuring your belongings arrive safely and on time. 

  • Standard Shipping: Standard Shipping is cost-effective and suitable for non-urgent items. Delivery times vary but typically range from 1 to 4 weeks depending on the destination.
  • Express Shipping: Express Shipping is faster if you want to send urgent items. The time of the delivery is generally 2 to 7 days, This option of shipping is a bit expensive but it ensures quick delivery.


As a leading international courier service company, Arihant International Courier Services (AICS) offers a wide range of services to students who are studying abroad so that they can have their belongings hassle-free even afar from home. Trust AICS to handle your belongings with care, allowing you to focus on what truly matters, your education and new experiences.


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Efficiently Shipping Heavy Machinery Internationally with Arihant International Courier Services

Ever thought about how to send heavy machinery across borders without any delays and damage? Are you looking for a courier service that can handle complex logistics for your valuable equipment? What factors should you consider to ensure your heavy machinery reaches its destination safely and efficiently?

Your company might have shipped multiple shipments or many numbers of parcels overseas, but the game changes when it comes to sending heavy machinery overseas without any damages. The process is very complicated and prone to major risks when it comes to shipping heavy machinery, it’s a different process altogether. Shipping needs to be done effectively to make sure that this heavy equipment reaches the receiver’s location damage-free. Shipping machinery internationally requires quite a lot of attention to detail compared to shipping other things. There are unique sets of challenges, specialised logistics and you need a trusted courier service. Arihant International Courier Services has established itself as a reliable international courier service company, making sure that your heavy machinery is transported safely, efficiently and cost-effectively. 

Here’s how Arihant International Courier Services excels in the challenging domain of shipping heavy machinery overseas.

Challenges of Shipping Heavy Machinery

Delivering heavy machinery includes several challenges in the process including:

  • Size and Weight: Often these items exceed the standard shipping dimensions and weight limits which are necessary for the equipment and handling procedures. 
  • Regulatory Compliance: Every country has different regulations concerning the import and experts of these requirements. Compliance with these regulations is necessary to avoid delays and penalties.
  • Risk Management: Heavy machinery is expensive and delicate, which requires strong risk management strategies to prevent it from the damaged through transit.
  • Cost Efficiency: The cost of delivering heavy machinery overseas can be costly to the budget, therefore finding a cost-effective solution without compromising safety is an important factor.


Preparing the equipement

Taking care of necessary precautions is important for sending your heavy equipment internationally. Your equipment has a high chance of damage if there is no pre-planned risk management strategy. Arihant International Courier Services (AICS) suggest some steps to follow to make sure that your equipment remains safe and secure during the transit and reaches the destination without any hassle. 


– Keep the equipment clean.

– Drain all fluids, especially fuel.

– Keep the loose parts secure.

– Detach the batteries and alarms

– Cover the machinery with proper packaging by referring to the manufacturer’s manual.

– Make sure to cover all the exterior areas for extra safety.

– Provide more space around the freight to allow the courier company to safely retrieve it. 

Important Information for Those Planning to Ship Large Machinery Abroad

It’s important to remember that the person receiving the shipment must do a lot of study before giving the product to a shipping company. This is especially true when sending big pieces of tools to another country. It would be stupid to take any risks with massive equipment that might cost a lot of money. However, the shipping company that takes care of the package needs to have the best name and the most experience in the field. They have to handle the invoices, licences of origin, and other important paperwork that is needed to move goods across international lines. 


Why Choose Arihant International Courier Services?

Arihant International Courier Services (AICS) is different from the other courier providers and it stands out in sending heavy machinery with the right precautions along with customer satisfaction. 

Here’s how AICS ensures efficiency while shipping bulky equipment overseas: 


1.Expertise and Experience

We have been in this industry for a very long, and with years of experience, we have become experts in sending heavy machinery abroad with customer satisfaction. Our team comprises logistics who understand the core of international shipping, including the challenges of handling oversized and overweight shipments. This expertise allows us to provide customised logistic solutions that meet the client’s expectations. 

2. Comprehensive Pre-Shipping Planning

There needs to be a plan for implementing the strategies for shipping machinery internationally and it should be done prior. 

  • Route Optimisation: Choosing the most reliable route that ensures the safety of the shipment and minimises the delivery time with reduced cost.
  • Documentation Process: All the necessary paperwork, like customs declarations and shipping permits, should be accurately done to avoid any regulation issues.
  • Planning Insurance: Insurance is a must factor to be considered while sending such bulky transport to protect your valuable machinery against potential risks during transit.

3. Advanced Handling Equipment and Techniques

Shipping heavy machinery requires specialised handling equipment and ways to handle the weight. Arihant International Courier Services (AICS) uses advanced machinery and techniques to ensure safe loading, unloading, and transportation. This includes the use of cranes, forklifts, and custom-built pallets and crates designed to support heavy loads and prevent movement during transit.

4. Secure Packaging Solutions

Proper packaging is an important thing to be taken care of for protecting heavy machinery from damage. Arihant International Courier Services (AICS) provides customised packaging solutions, using high-quality materials to cushion and secure machinery. 


This includes:

  • Custom Crating: Building custom crates to fit the dimensions and weight of the machinery.
  • Protective Wrapping: Using protective materials such as bubble wrap, foam, and plastic sheeting to safeguard machinery from environmental factors.
  • Reinforcement: Adding reinforcements to crates and pallets to withstand the rigours of international shipping.


Shipping heavy machinery internationally is not an easy cup of tea, it is a task that demands specialised knowledge, equipment, and a trustworthy logistics partner. Arihant International Courier Services (AICS) creates a good impression in this field, offering comprehensive solutions that ensure safe, efficient, and cost-effective transportation. AICS is the ideal international courier partner for all your heavy machinery shipping needs because of our expertise, advanced handling techniques, and commitment to customer satisfaction. If you rely on AICS to manage your heavy machinery, you can concentrate on the company without worrying about your valuable assets. This is true whether you work in building, manufacturing, or agriculture. Get in touch with Arihant International Courier Services right away to find out how they can help you move your heavy equipment.

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Understanding Temperature Control And Sensitive Handling Of Chemical Shipments by Arihant International Courier Services

Have you ever thought about how chemical shipments are transported safely across the globe? What role does temperature control play in preserving sensitive chemicals during transit? How does Arihant International Courier Services ensure the safe and efficient delivery of these chemical shipments?

When it comes to chemical shipments, there are a different major set of challenges and risks. You will face a distinct set of difficulties when it comes to logistics, especially when it comes to the shipping of substances, not the least of which is the crucial role that controlling the temperature plays. While sending chemicals overseas, you need to pay attention to detail and follow the safety rules strictly, use new-age technology. Arihant International Courier Services has become an expert in maintaining chemicals at the right temperature and handling them carefully. We make sure that even the most fragile and reactive chemicals reach the location in the right condition. 

The Importance of Temperature While Shipping Chemical Products

There is no fixed temperature around us, it always keeps fluctuating which can have an impact on the efficiency of chemical products. Few chemicals are highly sensitive when the temperature changes, leading to degradation and can also cause risky reactions.  Arihant International Courier Services understands these challenges and implements state-of-the-art temperature control systems to maintain effective temperature conditions throughout the shipping process. Controlling the temperature is a highly challenging and critical task for many categories of chemical shipments, such as pharma, laboratory reagents and other types of chemicals. Let’s say pharmaceuticals require strict temperatures to maintain their effectiveness. Lab reagents may lose their reactive properties if not kept at a suitable temperature as required. Likewise, special chemicals undergo unwanted reactions and breakdowns if they aren’t stored in the right temperature ranges.


Arihant International Courier Services (AICS) uses advanced technology like insulated packaging, refrigerants and devices which monitor temperatures. All these systems make sure that the temperature remains within the required range of the chemical product during the transit. Insulated packaging helps maintain the temperature and refrigerants like dry ice or gel packs provide cooling which is needed for the products. Monitoring devices continuously track the temperature, warning the team about any parameters to look after. 

Handling of Chemical Shipments

Chemical shipments do not just face temperature control issues but there are a lot of other factors to be taken care of. The process involves protecting materials from physical damage, contamination and unauthorised access, Arihant International Courier Services (AICS)  implements various protocols and trains people to handle these shipments with utmost care and ensure that the shipments arrive safely and intact without any inconvenience. 

Every package is labelled carefully with the right details of the sender and the receiver. The package is tracked and monitored from the point of origin to its final location where it needs to be delivered. Clear and right labelling helps to identify the content and handling requirements, whereas tracking systems make sure that the shipment can be monitored. The tracking capabilities are important to manage the shipments and know the issues that are probably going to arise during the transit. 

Strong packaging is used to protect and take care of the content which can cause physical damage. These packaging include shock-absorbing material, secure seals and tamper-evident features. Tamper evidence is important for making sure that the content has not been altered during the transit. These measures provide a stress-free mindset to the clients, knowing that their shipments are safe and secure. 

Arihant International Courier Services (AICS) also offers special training for its employees to handle these hazardous materials safely. The training program covers the proper handling strategies, knowing about the right safety protocols and regular compliance requirements. Necessary and the right knowledge and skills are provided to the staff to minimise the risk of accidents and ensure that all the shipments are handled with the highest safety standards.

Solutions for Chemical Logistics

Arihant International Courier Services (AICS) looks after the unique needs of the chemical industry and therefore provides a wide range of services. Our commitment and quality have brought us a good reputation in the market as a leading international courier service company for being reliable and excellent in the field of chemical shipping. Here are some of the key services we provide: 

  • Customised Packaging Solutions

Different chemical products require different kinds of packaging according to their physical and chemical nature. AICS works on this aspect closely to develop customised packaging solutions for the clients to meet specific needs which the product requires particularly. These measures include selecting the right material for the packaging, designing the packaging configurations and making sure of the relevant regulations to ship the product overseas. 

For eg, some of the chemicals may require inert gas flushing, while other chemicals may need moisture resistance packaging to avoid degradation. Understanding the requirements of the product is necessary for each shipment, providing protection and stability is the only way to a successful shipment of the chemical product. 

  • Time Tracking and Temperature Monitoring

To manage the shipments, it’s critical to measure the time and temperature for chemical shipments. Arihant International Courier Services (AICS) uses advanced tracking technology that provides timely updates on the location and the moment of the shipment. This data allows the customers to stay updated about the status of their shipments and keeps them informed if there is any issues arise. 

Temperature monitoring devices continuously track the temperature of the shipment, providing alerts if there is anything to be taken care of about the parameters of the chemical products. This approach helps prevent problems and ensures that the shipment is in the required temperature range while the package is in transit. 

As a leading international courier service company, Arihant International Courier Services is highly committed towards the protocol which needs to be taken care of while shipping chemical products overseas.


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Shipping Imitation Jewellery Internationally: Tips By Arihant International Courier Services

Are you looking to expand your imitation jewellery business to international markets but need to figure out how you should move forward in shipping it internationally? How do you ensure the safe and timely delivery of your delicate jewellery pieces across borders? Do you want to know the best practices and tips for shipping imitation jewellery internationally to avoid risk and increase customer satisfaction?

In the constantly changing field of style, imitation jewellery is establishing itself as a trendsetter, offering stylish and affordable substitutes for traditional jewellery. Impersonation jewellery has become increasingly popular worldwide recently, offering exporters an attractive market. Shipping delicate jewellery overseas can be very challenging. With the right strategies and precautions, it is possible to mitigate the risk of sending jewellery overseas. Before sending the jewellery overseas, you must be aware of the rules and regulations of each country. 

How To Pack Delicate Jewellery?

There are a few things to be taken care of while packing the jewellery to send it overseas. Moreover, the piece of jewellery needs to be packed carefully with the best packaging option available to keep it safe and damage-free. When the consumer opens the package, it will be simpler to locate tiny or delicate parts if each piece is individually wrapped. 

  • Safety of the jewellery

Clean the area before you pack your item to ship. Don’t let small parts like earring backs come loose. Put each piece of jewellery in a small plastic bag or wrap it in tissue paper. When the consumer opens the box, it’s easier to find small or fragile items because every single item is separately wrapped. Securing fragile items is important to decrease the risk of damage. Therefore each safety measure is crucial. 

  • Add branded packaging

To increase brand awareness in the consumer’s mind and to keep the jewels safe, sturdy and branded packaging is quite necessary to achieve the motive of sending jewellery internationally. Put the pieces of jewellery in a pretty pouch, box or personalised case to make unpacking it more fun and raise knowledge of what you sell. According to the kind of jewellery, customers may desire or anticipate different packages. Like, a wedding ring should come in a jewellery box made of velvet, not a velvet bag. You could add a souvenir, like a thank you card, a referral code, or a discount code for an online shop.

  • Protect the piece of jewellery

Do not forget to use a thin layer of cardboard around the box of the jewellery. This method ensures that the jewellery and the box will remain in good condition. If you decide to send the jewellery in an attractive pouch or box which is delicate this layer of cardboard will protect both, the jewellery and the packaging of the brand. An outer box can provide extra structure and protection.

  • Exterior Packaging

Lastly safeguard the jewellery with exterior packaging such as a large box of bubble wrap, or a padded envelope. That is where you attach the outer label of the courier. The outer label needs to be filled with all the important information about the sender and the receiver to deliver the package safely. 

How To Ship The Jewellery Safely?

  • Pack it yourself. 

Whenever the package is transferred to multiple hands, the chances of theft and loss increase, therefore it’s better to pack it yourself to safeguard the delicate pieces of jewels. Taking the item to the mailbox or giving it straight to a mail carrier cuts down on the number of times it changes hands during transport.

Do not leave packages unsupervised. Fraud is easy to do with packages left on doorsteps. You can ask for a pick-up service and give your package to them right away if you don’t have time to go to the post office.

Little things can be dropped off at public boxes owned by some shipping companies. These may seem handy, but they’re not the safest way to store valuable items.


  • Be aware of the policies

It is important to research and be aware of the policies of the country’s rules and regulations for certain items to be transported overseas. Look into a few different shipping solutions and make a note of any limits or items that aren’t allowed. For example, some shipping firms have rules about how to send valuable items.

  • Shipping Insurance 

Shipping Insurance is necessary in case your items are lost or damaged during transit. Insurance for shipping costs extra, but it’s the most effective approach to keep your stuff safe. If you lose something valuable in the mail, insurance will pay you the value of the item plus the cost of the materials and labour to get it back to you. The price of insurance changes based on how much the thing is said to be worth. Your price and the worth of your item will help you choose the best provider.


As a leading international courier service provider, we assure shipping jewellery internationally can be a seamless and rewarding experience with the right strategies in place. By executing the best packing methods, such as separate item wrapping and using brand packaging, you can be stress-free while delivering jewellery abroad. By these methods, the package is delivered in pristine condition and leaves a lasting impression on the consumer’s mind. Protecting your shipment with outer packaging and a thin layer of cardboard further mitigates the risk of damage during transit.
Arihant International Courier Services (AICS) also feels that it’s crucial to take control of the shipping process by packing the items yourself and ensuring they’re not left unsupervised. Familiarize yourself with the specific policies and regulations of the destination country to avoid any unexpected hurdles. Investing in shipping insurance provides an additional layer of security, offering peace of mind that you will be compensated in case of loss or damage. Expanding your imitation jewellery business to international markets opens up a world of opportunities. By following these expert tips and maintaining a focus on customer satisfaction, you can build a reputation for reliability and quality, ensuring that your delicate jewellery pieces arrive safely and delight customers around the globe. With careful planning and attention to detail, international shipping can become a smooth and integral part of your business growth strategy.
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Top International Shipping Tips By Arihant International Courier Services For E-Commerce Sellers To Ensure Timely Deliveries

Are you an e-commerce seller managing the challenges of international shipping? Do you want to know about the common risk factors in international shipping and how to avoid them? Are you ready to overcome these challenges and expand your international e-commerce reach?

The world revolves around the e-commerce industry in this new age generation where everything is done with just one click on the phone, tablet, or any other device at home through the internet. E-commerce companies are so busy looking after compelling product options for their consumers, that they often lose sight of the shipping factors they need to focus on. International shipping in the e-commerce industry is not an easy cup of tea, the process involves the entire cycle of virtual shopping carts to deliver the product to the consumer.There are things to be considered for a successful international shipping of e-commerce, that is how you can improve the customer experience and how you can control the cost and reduce it to ensure making profits from the business. Consumers anticipate honest, on-time deliveries as well as ongoing updates on the progress of their orders. Furthermore, certain customers rely on their choices about what to buy on the timeliness and cost of shipment, making shipping an asset in the marketplace. 

As a leading company in international couriers, Arihant International Courier Services shares valuable insights to help e-commerce sellers manage the challenges of international shipping.

  • Selecting the right shipping partner: Choosing the perfect shipping partner is necessary for the e-commerce business to make successful deliveries. Not all shipping partners are equally dedicated to the quality of work they provide the e-commerce industries.
  • Reputation and Experience: Choose an international courier service company that has a solid track of reputation in this industry. Experience in handling custom clearances and shipping packages in different conditions and challenges across countries is an advantage. 
  • Coverage and Network: Ensure that your shipping partner has a good network chain covering the target markets.
  • Technology and Tracking: The new age advanced technology and tracking systems allow the consumer to monitor the moment of their package from one place to another, creating trust and transparency.
  • Understand International Shipping Regulations: Every country has its own rules, regulations, taxes, and duties when it comes to importing and exporting stuff internationally.
  • Customs Documentation: Filling out the customs forms including the package details properly is crucial to avoid any unnecessary disruptions before the delivery.
  • Duties and Taxes: Know about the duty rates and taxes that are imposed in different countries. Either you can choose to pay them or let the consumer handle them, but the point is to know them to avoid unawareness. 
  • Restricted Items: Know if there are any types of restrictions that can’t be sent across the borders because there are certain items that are prohibited to be sent across borders.
  • Package Your Products Securely: Securing your parcel through packaging is the most crucial thing for an e-commerce business to avoid any kind of damage during transit.
  • Durability: Use tough boxes and cushioning materials like thermocol or foam to protect the items from damage during transit. 
  • Labeling: There should be a clear label on each package mentioning the correct shipping address, return address, and contact information of the sender and the receiver. 
  • Weather Conditions: The packaging should be waterproof considering the uncertain weather conditions to secure the package from natural calamities like rain and humidity.


  • Offer Various Shipping Options: Every consumer has different needs. E-commerce businesses should provide various shipping services to fulfill those needs.
  • Standard vs. Express: Some consumers have the priority of cost saving, other people might need the package as quickly as possible. Offering both options is a way to meet every consumer’s expectations.
  • Realistic Delivery Estimates: The right and accurate delivery time estimation should be provided to the consumers based on the shipping method they have chosen. Promising and then not delivering on the promised time can destroy the reputation of the business of the courier company. 
  • Pre-Planning For Peak Seasons: Due to peak seasons and holidays, the high volume of shipments can get delayed. Pre-planning reduces these types of inconveniences.
  • Early Preparation: Having stock up on inventory and early preparation of the shipment can avoid last-minute rushes and execute timely deliveries. 
  • Communicate with Customers: Communicating the potential details honestly during the peak seasons can encourage early orders by consumers. 
  • Monitor and Improve: There should be continuous efforts to monitor the performance and improve gradually.
  • Customer Feedback: Get the right feedback from the consumer, and don’t get away from criticism, the critical feedback will eventually improve the performance and will take care of consumer satisfaction. A business should always listen to the consumer and address the necessary issues. 
  • Performance Metrics: Monitor the key metrics such as time of the delivery, cost of the shipment, cost of the damage, and various other things where there is scope for improvement. 
  • Stay Updated: Keep up with changes in international shipping regulations and industry and pre-plan for potential challenges.



In this competitive e-commerce market, ensuring timely deliveries and reliable international courier services is crucial for businesses to survive and provide exceptional services that are different from those of their competitors. Choosing the right shipping partner, knowing about the regulations of the countries regarding international shipping, taking care of sturdy packaging material, enhancing and updating the technology, managing costs, pre-planning for peak seasons to avoid delays of the deliveries, continuous efforts to monitor and improve, building a strong network and relationships is crucial and considering local warehousing can improve the services. To retain your consumers and make a strong goodwill in the market every small detail needs to be done precisely. Solving the issues and navigating challenges by executing these things in the business can help build a strong reputation amongst consumers.  As a leading international courier service company in Surat, Arihant International Courier Services stands ready to support e-commerce sellers in navigating these complexities, ensuring that your products reach global customers swiftly and securely.


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Challenges in the World of Shipping Dangerous and Hazardous Goods : An Expert Guide By Arihant International Courier Services

Do you know about the difficulties courier companies go through while shipping dangerous goods overseas? Do you know what are the regulations and precautions to be taken for delivering such items? Do you want to know how AICS handles these challenges and reduces them to deliver these hazardous goods safely?

Trade and commerce are interconnected in the world of the shipping industry, and sending hazardous goods from one country to another country is not an easy cup of tea. From volatile chemicals to flammable materials, these items need more attention and care while following strict regulations to ensure both safety and compliance. 

Shipping these goods abroad is a complex process and should be handled by professionals and experts with experience in international shipping for a long time. We will make you understand how Arihant International Courier Services (AICS) handles the problems while shipping dangerous goods internationally while taking care of the regulations, and precautions. To get a deeper understanding of how to overcome these challenges, let’s understand how AICS handles these risks making sure that the deliveries are safe and damage-free despite being hazardous. 

Understanding the scope of deliveries of hazardous goods overseas

It is important to understand the scope of hazardous or dangerous goods to be delivered overseas in the first place. This category of goods includes a wide range of substances, including explosive material but not just limited to that, gases flammable liquids, toxic chemicals and infectious things as well. Each category of dangerous goods comes with a separate set of rules and regulations and handling requirements. So, it’s really important for courier partners to know the specific dangers of what they’re shipping and how to handle them properly.

Categories of Dangerous Goods

Some items are always dangerous and need special permits and prior approvals before dispatch. These items are easily recognisable by the “restricted commodities” labels. 

  • Loose lithium batteries
  • Flammable substances, including butane and gasoline
  • Chemicals like bleach and ammonia
  • Powerbanks 
  • Pressurized aerosols, like deodorants and hairsprays
  • Perfumes
  • Turpentine-based paint
  • Shipments containing dry ice, particularly those involving vaccines and medical supplies or food
  • Deliveries include more than two devices with lithium batteries or a device with more than 2 lithium batteries.

Regulatory Guidelines

To transport dangerous goods from one place to another is a complex process which is governed by international guidelines. The United Nations Recommendations on the Transport of Dangerous Goods are one of the most important of these. They set standards for how dangerous goods should be labelled, packed, and transported. Different governing groups, like the International Air Transport Association (IATA) and the International Maritime Dangerous Goods (IMDG) Code, also have extra rules for items that travel by air and sea.

Why Dangerous Goods Training Is Important?

Training is essential to be prepared and safe from these hazardous items while sending them from one place to another. People in the whole supply chain who prepare, offer, accept, or deal with dangerous things must get training in them. This training on hazardous goods needs to be done again every two years.

Precautions & Risk Management Strategies

The risks in these types of items are very obvious. Risk management strategies need to be implemented while sending dangerous goods abroad. Here at AICS, we have a team of committed professionals who are experienced in all aspects of working and shipping in the dangerous goods freight industry. We provide full-service transportation solutions to customers who need shipping services for international dangerous and hazardous goods. There needs to be proper packaging of the item, the ideal size and material containers to store them and some goods or chemicals need to be in a certain temperature, thus there need to be proper storage containers to send them to prevent spills, leaks or flames. Furthermore, comprehensive labelling and documentation are essential to ensure that all parties involved in the shipment are aware of the contents and associated hazards.


Expert training and awareness are also essential for this role when an international courier services company is involved in handling the transportation of dangerous goods. Arihant International Courier Services (AICS) has a strong emphasis on training and development to skill people for such attentive tasks, ensuring that the team possesses the right skills and knowledge to handle these dangerous goods with more care and attention.


Reasons to Choose AICS

  • We provide full-service non-hazardous/hazardous product handling and transportation solutions.
  • Our services are on time, and you can always expect efficiency.
  • Our air freight services are reliable and affordable.
  • We handle all customs clearance matters and sea & air freight booking for imports and exports.
  • We have an extensive amount of experience in handling all types of chemical samples.
  • We have an excellent track record where safety is concerned.

AICS Expertise

Arihant International Courier Services (AICS) recognises the importance of safety and security while transporting dangerous goods from one country to another. We have been in the business since a long time and have understood this by experience and industry expertise, thus we offer comprehensive solutions that are suitable for different requirements for each delivery. Proper planning and documentation with quality control are done for each and every package you send abroad. Our commitment is to ensure safe and timely delivery to meet our client’s expectations and that is what we do every single day.Our approach for management is to strictly follow the regulations and the guidelines to send the goods for a successful courier package to be delivered. Our team works on the latest developments and is updated day to day with new technology with the right knowledge to serve our consumers with care and attention with expert practices for every courier. Our extensive network of partners and services provides start-to-end solutions and prioritises consumer needs and the safety of the deliveries above all.



The international delivery of dangerous goods is a risky and daunting task with many challenges for the courier companies to send it safely without any disruptions. At Arihant International Courier Services (AICS) we handle these tasks with expertise, skills and the right knowledge for these special requirements. We provide our consumers the trust and peace of mind with the confidence that the package they are expecting to reach safely will be delivered by us. Trust us to handle your dangerous goods shipments with the care, professionalism, and expertise they deserve.

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Geopolitical Events’ Influence on Global Transit: Insights from Arihant International Courier Services

How do political events affect the efficiency and reliability of international shipping routes?

In the huge sector of international shipping, where goods are transported from one place to another around the globe, the impact of geopolitical events is important. International shipping is an important mechanism in the economy of the world which is highly affected by global affairs. This shows an impact on countries and areas. Natural disasters, commercial conflicts, geopolitical difficulties, and diplomatic issues are all events that affect the courier industry. It’s essential to first understand how these significant events impact the operations of big businesses that rely heavily on international transit in order to have a deeper awareness of how they affect international courier services.

Interplay of Geopolitics and International Courier Services

The balance between reliability and effectiveness, as well as supply and demand, is key to international shipping. However, this is often disturbed by geopolitical matters that increase problems for the trade routes, impose sanctions, or increase tensions between countries. The best examples are the recent post-pandemic trade tensions and several other global problems between major economies like the United States of America and China. International courier companies experience inconvenience due to specific taxes imposed by diplomatic decisions made following political misunderstandings. Supply chain disappointments can stop everything from maritime, freight, or shipping activities.

Navigating Shipping Wars & Impositions

International shipping is facing risk due to shipping wars. Due to these wars, countries and regions have to impose strict sanctions on shipping with higher taxes or imports. International shipping has become more costly and hazardous due to this, which could harm trade internationally and the flow of products.Taxes on special items affect the pricing and shipping of the commodity. International courier companies must adjust to changes in demand and changing delivery routes. For example, as taxes on Chinese goods increased, many businesses changed their sourcing, which resulted in a boom in shipments from Southeast Asian manufacturing areas. Transportation strategies and logistics networks must be updated to accommodate changing shipping dynamics.

Geopolitical Hotspots & Shipping Lanes

International trade faces a high number of challenges in geopolitical hotspots, such as areas where there are territorial wars or regional tensions. A major shipping route for most of the world’s oil, the Strait of Hormuz, demonstrates how politics may affect shipping. Supply chain problems and increased shipping costs can result from problems in the Persian Gulf, which can be caused by military action or political instability. In these regions, international courier services have to be aware of geopolitical risks and use emergency and risk-management to make sure that the deliveries are on time. 

Diplomatic Conflicts & Supply Chain Disruptions

Diplomatic wars among countries have an important impact on international shipping. Trade restrictions, bans, and broken diplomatic ties can all cause supply chain disruptions and force courier services to look for new suppliers or routes. For example,  Arab nations banned Qatar in 2017, which caused problems for ports and airways and brought focus to how political unrest can affect international trade routes.

Natural Calamities & International Shipping Company’s Endurance

Natural disasters additionally create serious issues for international commerce, even if political events frequently receive the greatest attention in this sense. Due to ports, infrastructure and routes which are affected by hurricanes, cyclones, earthquakes can cause delays, damage and lost goods. For example, the 2011 Tohoku earthquake and tsunami in Japan affected international transport and supply chains.International courier companies need to be prepared for natural disasters and manage geopolitical challenges. They can lower the risk by using data analytics, technology and prior preparations to maintain operations. We at Arihant International Courier Services (AICS) know how important it is to be prepared for both natural disasters and geopolitical difficulties. We continue our commitment to efficient international shipping and ensure the ongoing availability of our services through using technology and active preparation.

Crossing Unpredictable Conditions

In our increasingly interconnected world, geopolitical events have a significant impact on international shipping. Natural disasters, trade wars, instability in politics, and armed conflicts all affect the global flow of products. Courier services need to be highly skilled at managing these difficulties. To ensure that commodities travel smoothly across borders and oceans, they utilize technology, form collaborative efforts, and account for risks. The shipping industry has a number of challenges as geopolitics shift, but it is essential for success and global trade. Arihant International Courier Services (AICS) is a trustworthy partner in the shipping market no matter what the challenges are. We face difficulties with dedication, providing outstanding service to our clients worldwide.


Geopolitics is an important factor in today’s shipping world. Trade difficulties and wars are the two major matters that impact the flow of deliveries of the products that are sent abroad. Arihant International Courier Services (AICS) is aware of how important it is to understand and handle these problems in order to maintain order.We don’t just focus on delivering the packaging but also pay attention to the things happening in the world. By planning and joining hands with strong partnerships, we are always prepared to handle challenges that are in our way.Arihant International Courier Services (AICS) is committed to being a leader in the market of international courier services. As a leading international shipping company, AICS serves value, reliability, efficiency, and honesty to serve the consumers and meet their expectations. The problems AICS faces in the business are the opportunities for us to prove to our consumers that we are the ideal option for them for international shipping.



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Top Challenges in International Shipping and How to Overcome Them By Arihant International Courier Services

What are the major problems businesses face in international shipping, and how can understanding these challenges help improve logistics worldwide? What strategies can companies implement to dodge these challenges?

In this world full of technology, deliveries at your doorstep, click the screen and get your requirements, there are many challenges companies have to go through when they deliver satisfying services to their consumers. Talking about the shipping industry, in a perfect world, every delivery would arrive at its location on schedule, in as-shipped condition, and cause you, the shipper, no problems whatsoever. Naturally, the world is not perfect in which we live. Any person who is using these services from time to time will naturally create challenges for the courier companies. Arihant International Courier Services suggests some steps that a shipping company can take consideration to minimise and tackle the challenges.

Certain Challenges International Courier Companies Face

  • Parcel Damage

Parcels can be damaged very harshly while shipping, it’s a major possibility. Due to the forces the parcel gets while transporting from one place to another, it may get damaged during the travel. Due to the difficulty of international shipping, even the smallest error can create delays or, worse, completely halt the operation. Things are subjected to pressures significantly larger than those they would encounter while parked at your house or place of work when they are loaded onto trucks, airplanes, and ships and transported over uneven terrain, through turbulence, and on rough seas. However careful and proper packaging or boxing can safeguard the parcel which is to be transported. 


  • Not Enough Knowledge 

Local couriers and international shipping are altogether different things, they are not similar. There are custom requirements and weights of the parcel matter, there are forms which need to be filled and submitted for the items which are sent overseas. To make sure that our customer experience is satisfying, international courier service companies need to have the right awareness and knowledge about shipping overseas. Through experience, a firm can achieve heights by offering excellent services and timely deliveries. Working with a packaging and shipping business that has extensive expertise in transporting products to foreign locations is the best way to guarantee that your international shipping happens without a hitch.


  • Natural Calamities and Harsh Environment

One more factor that affects the shipments to reach on time is the natural calamities and the harsh environment. Due to such uncertain incidents, the shipment gets delayed and thus upset the consumer. However, framing certain company policies can make the consumer understand the uncertainty any business suffers by educating them and giving them timely updates about the location and the safety of the parcel.


  • Compliance Issues

Compliance issues are related to difficulties faced due to legal and ethical requirements of international couriers to be sent from one place to another. International courier companies need to follow the rules and regulations of different destinations which are framed. International courier service companies must abide by the international treaties and agreements that regulate international trade in addition to the rules and regulations of the nations you are shipping to. In addition, they must respect the human rights, labour rights, and environmental standards of your stakeholders as well as your company’s social and environmental obligations. By creating compliance policies and procedures, obtaining the required licenses and certifications, and educating yourself and your team on the pertinent laws and regulations, you may prevent compliance concerns.


  • Costs

It is obvious that there is a price to send goods from location A to B. However the prices for it are higher than they should be most of the time. As a leading international courier service company, we suggest that there are ways to reduce the costs while shipping them. Let’s say you start reaching out to the delivery providers, list them down and reach out to them one by one and get the best option which negotiates with you and is suitable for your business. At the same time while comparing companies, for instance, bear in mind that careless handling and logistical mistakes made by a shipper who is offering a “bargain” may wind up costing you far more than you would pay a premium carrier.

These are also helpful in helping you reach the parcel as quickly as possible by sending the parcel to the location within the committed time frame. If you wait until the last minute to establish your strategy, the cost of expediting the cargo may increase. When transporting several things, you should take each one’s needs into account. It might be more economical to separate the shipment into different components and use shipping methods suitable for each component’s deadline if some are needed more urgently than others.


  • Errors

The data and the documents can be hard to take care of sometimes because of the size of the information every company has. Mistakes tend to happen if there is a huge size data collected to run a big size company. Sometimes keeping up with the documents and data is a big hassle for international courier service companies. To avoid these errors companies must use today’s technology to maintain accurate and safe data and documentation. In today’s world, one must be secured with the latest technology as the data can get hacked by fraud. 



International courier service companies face many challenges, from parcel damage and compliance issues to natural calamities and high costs. However, with strategic planning, proper knowledge, and updating yourself with the latest technology, these challenges can be effectively managed. Understanding the dynamics of international couriers and implying strong policies not only ensure smooth deliveries but also increase customer satisfaction which creates goodwill in the market.

Arihant International Courier Services emphasizes the importance of strong packaging, staying informed about regulations, and being prepared for uncertain situations. Choosing the right bunch of people from the industry who are talented and experienced with the new technology helps in efficiency and building trust among your audience creating a successful international shipping company.

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The Impact of E-commerce Growth on International Courier Services by Arihant International Courier Services

The idea that logistics and e-commerce are related to one another is not particularly new. E-commerce companies are flourishing in this digital economy. With only a click, anyone can access a wide range of goods and services that are ready to be delivered right to their door over the Internet. The courier service sector has been directly impacted by the growth of the e-commerce sector. The paradigm change has created a big effect on the logistics and freight business, changing the way things are done and calling for new ideas to keep up with changing needs. For many people, the e-commerce and the logistics industry are one and the same thing. As the demand for online goods has increased, so has the demand for delivery services.
The United Nations Conference on Trade and Development (UNCTAD) released an analysis in 2021 that put the worth of e-commerce globally in 2019 at $26.7 trillion, or over 30% of the world Economy. The sector seems enormous now, with shocking numbers worldwide. Buyers and sellers are dependent on each other as the audience finds the e-commerce industry easy and convenient. That increases the demand and importance of international courier companies for e-commerce.
Both industries are interconnected and dependent on each other, although they are very separate from one another. Let’s understand the increasing growth of e-commerce and the shipping industry.

Increase in the demand for E-commerce

The e-commerce market has boomed over the recent years since smartphones and 5G internet came into existence. With the rise in the consumption of technology and the internet, the audience has changed their shopping behaviour from traditional to online buying habits. Online platforms, which range from specialised shops to massive markets like Amazon and Alibaba, have made accessible commerce by enabling companies of all sizes to reach a worldwide customer base. People compare Amazon, Flipkart, Meesho etc and by comparing the prices, reviews and brands, whatever they feel is the best option for them.E-commerce has a variety of options and people can compare prices from different sellers and websites and choose according to their convenience with just a few clicks. People can get anything sitting at from from afar whether it’s local or international. The convenience of shopping from the comfort of one’s home, coupled with features like one-click purchasing and personalised recommendations, has made online shopping an attractive alternative to traditional retail.Geographical barriers are removed by e-commerce, which helps companies enter new markets and reach more people. Cross-border e-commerce has grown quickly as a result of this globalisation of commerce.

Supply Chain Optimization & Innovation

E-commerce is something that is beyond just speedy delivery, it has a drastic effect on the supply chain. It has caused supply chain optimisation to be reviewed. Businesses are using AI-driven systems, machine learning, and data analytics to optimise transportation routes, manage inventories, and estimate demand more accurately.


Growing Need for Last-Mile Delivery Services

The need for last-mile delivery services, which are necessary for transporting products from warehouses to their final destination, has increased as a result of e-commerce. Due to the increasing amount of parcels and the demand for quicker delivery times, international courier service companies have been forced to change. Businesses are making infrastructural and technological investments to optimise their delivery networks in order to fulfil these demands. 


Increase in the number of deliveries in bulk

Online shopping which is rising worldwide, has caused an increase in the volume of shipments, and the number of deliveries across the world has increased in bulk. Arihant International Courier Services (AICS) now handles different ranges of packages, from small parcels to oversized items, destined for destinations around the globe. This increasing quantity of packages has increased the demand for international courier service companies which is essential for the e-commerce industry.

Trade Across Borders

E-commerce provides deliveries in the whole world, leading to an increase in the demand for global couriers. This has created the scope for international courier companies to grow more in the market and widen their services for deliveries across the globe. International courier services have faced some challenges in recent times, such as complex customs and managing international deliveries.
Arihant International Courier Services (AICS) know that the digital age will affect the international courier business in a big way. As online shopping spreads to more places, the need for fast and reliable foreign courier services has grown. Arihant International Courier Services (AICS) is still dedicated to offering secure and timely services for its consumers. This is because of the fast growth of online shopping.

The Advanced Technology

In today’s daily life, everything is influenced by the technology around us, even the e-commerce industry is working smoothly due to the technology advancements. The industry and the consumer both benefit from the new technology implementations. Whether it’s the order invoices, shipments, tracking, etc. Companies are using data, AI, and analytics to work smoothly and efficiently.
Buys and sellers are connected online around the whole world, thus the demand for shipping courier companies is increasing day by day. As the demand grows, Arihant International Courier Services (AICS) remains committed to advanced technology to streamline international logistics.


In conclusion, Arihant International Courier Services (AICS) shows how e-commerce and foreign courier services work well together. This shows how digital technology can change international trade. The rapid growth of e-commerce has not only changed the way people buy things, but it has also forced the courier business to make big changes to keep up with the needs of a world that is becoming more and more connected. There are a lot more packages than ever before because more people are shopping online. This is because it’s easy, convenient, and there are lots of choices. For international courier companies like AICS, this means new challenges and possibilities. Businesses are using technology to meet the changing needs of e-commerce customers.


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Operating Mechanism and Significance of a Courier Tracking System by Arihant International Courier Services

What are the key components of a courier tracking system? How do they work together to provide real-time information? How does a courier tracking system contribute to improving customer satisfaction and loyalty?

In this modern world, international courier services have become essential for people to transport their goods from one place to another country across the world. Today’s world demands quick product delivery to any location as businesses grow rapidly. In the world of logistics, it’s not about delivering the product from one place to another, it’s about the timely, safety and security of the product. That’s where the tracking process comes in the scene. As a leading international courier service, we believe that this technological development has completely changed the logistics industry by letting people see where shipments, packages, and parcels are at all times. 

Arihant International Courier Services (AICS) has changed customer expectations and enhanced the significance of precise shipment tracking with its advanced tracking service.

How The Tracking System Works

The tracking systems adopted by international courier service companies, also known as shipment tracking systems are software solutions that monitor the movement of the package throughout the transit from the time it is packed and shipped till it reaches the destination. It detects its location throughout the entire journey of the parcel. These tracking programmes deliver the tracking service and provide an update on the parcel’s location by utilising a variety of technologies, including barcode scanners, GPS, radio frequency identification, cloud computing, etc.


  1. GPS: Global positioning system is used for international or long-distance couriers. It provides accurate location information, enabling both the courier provider and the recipient to track the package’s movement in real time.
  2. Barcodes & QR Codes: There is a separate barcode given to each parcel. This barcode includes details of the package, information about the sender, delivery instructions, tracking details, etc.


  • Centralised Database: Gathered information by scanners, readers, and GPS devices is received by the centralised database. The international courier service company and consumer both have access to this database. Consumers can access information through mobile applications, customer care and website portals for information regarding their shipments.


  1. Notifications: Clients receive electronic notifications to keep them updated at key junctures in the shipment’s journey. Order assurances, delivery confirmations, dispatch estimates, and dispatch confirmations are among these types of communications.

Importance of an efficient tracking system

Businesses can be successful from a satisfied consumer experience. One consumer refers to another for getting services from a business if they are satisfied and due to word of mouth the businesses grow more. In this case, an efficient tracking system is important for an international courier service company because it can give an exceptional consumer experience. Let us know how. 


  1. Less chances of theft or losses can occur when an efficient tracking system satisfies the consumer by delivering the package safely.
  2. Tracking systems generate detailed and accurate shipment data regarding their movement and handling during transit. By looking at patterns and trends, companies can find places to improve and make their logistics processes run more smoothly. 
  3. Reducing manual work and using electronic data can be more useful to maintain the data and records for more efficiency. Stakeholders are kept aware of any changes or disruptions by automated alerts and notifications, which let them step in and fix the problem quickly.
  4. Tracking systems provide the customer with information about the location of the parcel which builds trust among the consumer. This makes them plan and manage their requirements regarding sending stuff internationally.
  5. Due to the accurate location and data records, customer satisfaction increases. This transparency and reliability create customer retention for the company. 
  6. Businesses rely on raw materials and components to be delivered on time. Smart tracking mechanisms improve stock administration and manufacturing scheduling by providing visibility into the supply chain.


Operating Mechanism of Tracking System

The tracking system for Arihant International Courier Services is made up of a complex mix of hardware and software parts that work together to show where each package is at all times. At its core is a network of GPS-enabled devices that are installed in every car. This makes it possible to accurately monitor packages as they move to different places. These devices connect to the central tracking software without any problems. The software collects and processes data to give customers accurate state updates.


The journey of a parcel starts the moment it is collected from the sender’s location. Through a unique tracking ID assigned to each parcel, customers gain access to information regarding its progress. From the initial pickup to sorting facilities and finally, to the delivery location, every movement is perfectly logged and updated in the system. RFID technology, barcodes, scanning devices, etc are used to monitor the accurate location of the package and reduce the risk of loss or prevent delays in delivery. 


Arihant International Courier Services‘ tracking system is created in such a way that it is easy to access for our clients. This helps the customers to track their parcels from any device, increasing transparency and customer satisfaction.


Lastly, as a leading international courier service company, we provide an efficient and easy-to-use tracking portal for our customers to reply to us. Similarly, by using the power of new-age technology, international courier service companies should provide efficient courier tracking systems to increase trust and transparency amongst their consumer. Arihant International Courier Services (AICS) remains the game changer in setting quality standards to satisfy their consumers and retain them every time they decide to send a parcel overseas. By using the latest technology and advanced tracking system we guide and ensure seamless delivery options for our consumers. As a leading international courier service company our vision is to provide professional, prompt, and courteous courier services at competitive rates. We leverage our expertise, technology, and partnerships to deliver innovative logistics solutions to our customers’ needs while maintaining the highest levels of quality, safety, and security.


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